Hey There, I'm Gracie

Yes my real name is Gracie, not Grace. BUT I'll go by anything! You could shout "Hey blondie" and I'd answer! But seriously, I may look all cute, but I consider myself a badass with a camera and gimbal. I didn't always know that I was into video and editing, but here we are and I wouldn't have it any other way :)


All About Me

So....You wanna know about me? Well I'm a Taurus (rare, I know right??), an adventurous spirit, and old soul, a college dropout, and some might say a comedian. I have A LOT going on in my brain pretty much at all times. I'm a dog mom and girlfriend of 5 years to my "opposites attract" boyfriend :) I'm a wine and beer lover and avid maker of subpar charcuterie plates when I'm home alone. I appreciate the finer things in life like an insane sunset or home made chef worthy meals. (Can you tell I like food?)  I'm a sucker for anything sustainable for the planet or with earth tones. I'm also a sucker for music festivals :,) Travel is something that is very important to me, to open the heart and the mind. Most importantly, I LOVE love. It sounds weird saying it, you're like, "ugh I hate when people say that, that's so cheesy" but really! The intentional things you do day in and day out for your significant other, the things you do to make them smile or laugh, the pain when you fight. I've been there. I NEVER thought of myself as a softie but apparently I am. I cry during the first look and vows (and the ceremony and portraits and reception lol). When I say that I appreciate the finer things in life, I mean the little things. It's these days that we are going to wish we were still living in 30 years, so why not make it count, right?