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Hi, I'm Gracie! 
Most of you know me as the face behind the camera but there's oh so much more! I'm a lover of candid, authentic videos and powerful, moving music and audio. I'm currently based in Atlanta but traveling is a hobby of mine so take me with you for your big, grand wedding or your small, intimate ceremony! I'm down for any idea, just tell me when and where!

This is YOUR Investment

You want your wedding film
to represent your real love story!

I get it. Everyone wants their wedding film to be absolutely perfect. No flaws or stutters. But is that what we are actually like? Chances are... probably not. But that's okay! That's the beauty of being humans in love! We get butterflies in our stomachs and tears in our eyes and feel all the things so deeply. My films give you that feeling every time you watch it back. It's so important to me that you have the best experience and most importantly, delivering a stunning and timeless video that you can cherish for years. Also, I don't mind being your third wheel :)

Matthew and Amber at Waters Mill Cottage

Abdul and Claudia at Bib Mill Events

Tanner and Deanna at The Meadows at Mossy Creek

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Nathan and Madison at Ivy Hall Weddings

Oscar and Ebelene at Grant Hill Farms

Jovan and Tiffany at The Peachtree Club

Keith and Lauren at Chapman Hill Weddings

Cory and Sandra at Silver Creek Farm

CJ and Haley at Willow Creek Farm

Let's be honest, if you're investing in someone to film your wedding day, you want them to know what they are doing, right? But do you want someone who will give you a cookie cutter video or a heart-felt, authentic and raw video? I'm here to help you get that "outside of the box" not your normal wedding film while still keeping it romantic and fun! I'm here to capture the giggles in between getting ready, the butterflies walking down the aisle, and the tears shared between vows. I'm here to capture your beauty and authentic love while making sure you look your best! Some couples even call me the ultimate hype girl :)

Imagining you and your lover in a beautiful film like this?
Let's connect and make some magic!

More fun facts about me...
I shoot real estate and travel videos! 

I shot real estate photos and videos for about 2 or 3 years and I'm always traveling so those videos come naturally. Film really is my passion but it may not look like film degrees and internships like you're used to seeing. My videos come from real world experiences and how I want it to look. They say you'll never know until you try, and I'll try just about anything :)

Do you want to make some magic?
                Yeah, I do too

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